About Redakt CMS Enterprise Content Management for .NET Core

Redakt CMS is a modern web Content Management System. A content management system does exactly that - it allows users to manage, update, and maintain the content within a website. This may include images, blog content, applications, etc. With Redakt CMS, organizations can edit and maintain their website content without requiring any technical knowledge on the part of the content managers. Simply put, it is like a word processor for websites.

Combined with many years of experience in the content management space, this has allowed us to create a CMS that has many advantages over competing products. The result is a product that is attractive both to end-user organisations, as well as digital agencies developing solutions for their clients.

For end user organisations

User friendly back office application

Redakt has a user-friendly back office interface, making it a breeze to use for everybody. This reduces the learning curve and time your employees spend on maintaining your website, allowing them to be more productive. The Redakt back office is a web application, meaning you can manage your web platform from anywhere in the world, simply by using your browser.

Optimized for performance

A Redakt website has extremely low reponse times, optimizing your website's organic search results and increasing visitor satisfaction. Excellent back office performance means that your content managers can do their work faster and annoyance-free.

Lower total cost of ownership

Ease of implementation decreases website development costs and reduces time to market. Efficient system performance means you need fewer (costly) resources to run your platform. Combined with our reasonable license fees, your web platform's TCO is much lower compared with other competing products.

Enterprise features built in

Redakt is an enterprise content management system, meaning that features like multiple websites on the same platform and multi-language options are built in, allowing you to run a single system for your worldwide online presence. Digital asset management, corporate authentication integration and customisable workflows are just some of the other enterprise features available out of the box.

Limitless hosting

Scalable hosting options allow your web platform to grow with your business. Spend less today, and upgrade your platform resources as your online traffic increases.

Flexible and future-proof

The modular and extensible architecture enables your web platform to be customised and extended, well into the future. Integrations with CRM, ERP and other 3rd party systems are easy to implement. Use of modern and mainstream technologies ensures that skilled engineers are widely available.

For digital agencies

.NET Core

With the .NET Framework roadmap on its final version, and Microsoft development resources shifted towards .NET Core, Redakt CMS offers a unique opportunity to keep development at the forefront of industry potential. By choosing a CMS that supports multiple platforms out of the box, you’re ready to go immediately, and prepared for the future too.

Faster implementation

With Redakt's easy setup and implementation, your developers will be able to be more productive faster. This reduces your project's implementation time, allowing you to be more competitive.


Cross-platform hosting means you can now use the same system for all your clients, whether they need it hosted on premise or in the cloud, Amazon or Azure, Windows or Linux. This allows you to use a single CMS throughout your organization, instead of having the expertise of your developers fragmented over multiple different systems.

Pluggable modular architecture

Unlike other CMS products, Redakt CMS is designed around a pluggable modular architecture. This makes it infinitely expandable, but also allows the CMS to be pared back to only the components you need. This helps to keep both the application performance and the code dependency tree optimal, while still allowing you to customize components for your clients.

Choose your data store

Redakt CMS is not tied to a specific data store, but allows you to choose which database fits your project best. No need to setup a separate database for you custom data either, because you can simply use Redakt's data layer instead.