Update 1 Redakt CMS beta release

We've updated the beta release and fixed a large number of bugs, and improved features and documentation! The beta update is available now for download on NuGet (build 1.0.0-beta287).

To get started with Redakt CMS, follow the setup guide, or install the boilerplate project template. If you already started with the first beta, you only have to update the NuGet packages. We're also working on a full demo project, which will be available soon.

Beta updates

Since the first beta release, we have made the following changes:

Breaking changes

Please note the following breaking changes since the previous release:

It's a beta

Please note that this is a beta release. Therefore, there are known and unknown bugs and issues. We welcome anyone to try it out (and report on any issues), but we cannot recommend to use Redakt for a production website at this stage. This applies to the documentation and knowledge base as well, which is not yet complete or fully accurate.

If you find any issues, we would really appreciate it if you could report them in our community feedback forum. Any suggestions, ideas or feature requests are also welcome there. Please check first if someone else has not already posted the same issue or question.

In the following weeks, we will continue to release beta updates. Subscribe to the newsletter if you would like to be informed of new releases. Some of the parts we will be working on next are:

Many thanks to you for trying out our product at this early stage. We are very much looking forward to your feedback.

Jasper van der Sterren
Managing Director, Redakt CMS