A short introduction This is Redakt CMS

You may have arrived on this website while looking for an enterprise Content Management System for .NET Core. Unfortunately, there isn't one yet - but the good news is, that's about to change!

Following on more than 2 years of development, Redakt CMS is scheduled for release in Q4 of 2018, and is the first CMS in its class built from the ground up for .NET Core. In this article, I would like to introduce you to some of the unique features that will be available upon release.

Please note that Redakt CMS has not yet been released. We will be releasing a beta version soon. Sign up for the newsletter if you would like to stay informed.

What is it?

Redakt CMS is a type of software product that is known as a web Content Management System. A content management system does exactly what the name implies - it allows users to manage, update, and maintain the content within a website.

This means that with Redakt CMS, organizations can edit and maintain their website content without requiring any technical knowledge on the part of the content managers. Simply put, it is like a word processor for websites.

But wait, aren't there a lot of those?

Yes, there are plenty of CMS products available in the market. They vary widely in quality, ease of use, and extendability. We have worked with many of them ourselves in different projects over the years.

That's why we have a good understanding of what makes a great CMS - and the things to avoid in a bad CMS. The unfortunate thing is, many of the existing CMS products have quite a few downsides.

So when Microsoft announced their new framework, .NET Core, we saw an opportunity and decided to create a new CMS from scratch, based on the latest technologies. In the end, we think that this has resulted in a quite unique product.

Why choose Redakt CMS?

First of all, there are no other enterprise class Content Management Systems in the market for .NET Core as of yet. So if you are looking to create a new web platform with the latest technologies, and you need a CMS to manage content for it, until now you were out of luck.

With Redakt CMS you can create a CMS based web platform on the latest technologies. But that's not all - using .NET Core has enabled us to incorporate a number of features that are unique within a single product.

Ok, tell me more!

These are some of the features that will be available in Redakt CMS. Click on the links to read more about them.

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Jasper van der Sterren
Founder, Redakt CMS