.NET Core cross-platform Use any framework

Many CMS products are locked into using a single platform - but what do you do if your organization doesn’t actively use that platform? You’ll face resistance and a steep learning curve, and that’s just the beginning. What if you choose a CMS, and your company decides to change their base platform? By choosing a CMS that supports multiple platforms out of the box, you’re ready to go immediately, and prepared for the future too.

All current .NET enterprise Content Management Systems use the .NET Framework. Starting a new web platform based on modern technologies has been impossible if a CMS was to be part of the application - but Redakt CMS is the first enterprise CMS in the market that can run on the new .NET Core framework.

.NET Core and .NET Standard

.NET Core offers a number of improvements over .NET Standard 2.0. Redakt CMS targets both variants which means that your website can run on any of the following platform combinations:

Redakt CMS is platform and OS-agnostic. Your website can be built on any hardware that supports .NET Core, both now and in the future. It’s even possible to run Redakt CMS on a Raspberry Pi cluster, showing the true flexibility of the CMS.

Combined with our different hosting options, this makes Redakt CMS an ideal choice for a large range of hosting platforms, with a range of cost/performance ratios.