Data stores Have it your way

Installing a CMS is sometimes simple, and it will make a lot of choices for you. The most common enforced choice is how and where your data is stored. But what if you don’t use a supported data store? What if you need to configure it some other way. Redakt CMS is built with this configurability, allowing you to choose how your data is stored - and where.

Choosing the right database for your application can depend on a lot of factors including performance, features, company expertise, or simply just preference. That's why Redakt CMS is not tied to a specific data store, but allows you to choose which database fits your project best. Redakt CMS supports the following data stores out of the box:

Want something else?

With the nature of CMS data, we believe that the built-in database options are some of the most suitable for Redakt CMS. However, you may still want to use a different database. Because Redakt CMS has been designed with a flexible pluggable modular architecture, you can easily implement your own data layer to connect to your preferred data store. This will work transparently, with all other aspects of the CMS working in the same way as usual.

Add your own data

We understand that you may also have some data of your own to store. With most CMS systems, you would have to setup and maintain a separate database for your custom data, and implement your own data layer. With Redakt CMS we've already done all the hard work for you!

You can easily add your own data objects to the same data store using Redakt's data layer in the rest of your application. No need to add yet another data store!

Full Text Search

Storing data is one thing, but for most web platforms, you will want to allow your visitors to search through your website content as well. Redakt CMS offers built-in full text search capabilities. Out of the box, the following full text index providers are supported: