We understand you Developer friendly design

You’re a developer. You’re a visionary. You’re a creator of worlds. You’ll never thrive in a restrictive environment with a system that forces you to work in a particular way. Redakt CMS was designed by developers, for developers. We understand the struggle. Redakt CMS helps you to break free.

At Redakt, we're software developers too. We understand what it's like to have to develop using a framework that, well, just isn't very nice to work with. Using the latest technologies available gave us a great opportunity to make the product easy to work with, for you - the developer. So what have we done to make your life a bit easier?

Simple project setup

Setting up a CMS website has never been easier. With just a few clicks, Redakt CMS can be installed along with a project template that includes all the necessary components to get you up and running. With a few more clicks your first website is live!

For more advanced scenarios including load-balancing and cloud hosting, you simply need to install and configure the packages required by your project. No complicated server installation, no files to download - simply install a few NuGet packages the way you're used to and you're good to go!

Dependency Injection and extension points

As is standard with .NET Core, the whole Redakt system is registered through dependency injection. Redakt CMS only registers services through the standard Microsoft dependency injection extensions, so you can implement your own IoC container if you prefer. Almost all components are registered in this way, so it is easy for you to provide your own custom implementation for any Redakt CMS component if you want or need to.

Strongly typed content definitions

For most Content Management Systems, page and content definitions (defining which property can be edited on which page) are configured through the back office application, and stored in the database. This usually results in having to use undesirable “magic strings” in your server-side views to retrieve CMS content.

In Redakt CMS, content definitions are model classes that are part of your website code. Instead of retrieving a CMS property with something similar to @Model.GetValue("magicString"), you use @Model.Content.IntroText with full intellisense and compile-time checking.

Through attributes you can configure how properties should behave in the back office (e.g. which type of editor, max length of a text field, etc.).

Easy deployment

Another advantage to this approach is when you have a DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance and Production) deployment environment. Traditionally, any configuration changes that are made to content definitions will have to be repeated for all environments. This is a repetitive labour-intensive and error-prone task.

With Redakt CMS, whenever you deploy your website to another environment, the configuration is deployed with it, eliminating any chance of errors.

Extensions and tag helpers

Redakt CMS provides Razor Tag Helpers wherever they may help to simplify CMS based server-side view code. There are tag helpers for caching parts of pages, image resizing, url generation, multi-language dictionary labels, open graph tags, and so on.

Excellent documentation

However good any product is, if the developer documentation is substandard, you’ll have a hard time working with it. Redakt CMS features a large set of developer guides, as well as a full API reference for all components.

And much more...

These are just some of the highlights of Redakt CMS and our commitment to producing a product that is great for developers to work with. We appreciate and incorporate any suggestions and improvements that come out of the developer community. We're convinced you'll be happy to work with our product!