Enterprise features For anywhere in the world

When you choose a CMS, you’ll find that you can set it up for a single website, and that’s great. Many products however do not allow you to setup a second website within the same system, and you need to install a second instance. Redakt CMS allows multi-site configurations on-the-fly in any language you want, with hosting wherever you wan. Are you ready to expand your horizons?

Multiple sites

The Redakt CMS system supports hosting of multiple separate websites. This allows you to have your corporate website together with (for example) your campaign websites all on the same platform.


Redakt CMS offers extensive multi-language features out of the box.

Customisable workflows and security

Workflows for pages and content are fully customisable. Redakt CMS user security allows for fine-grained control of permissions for all parts of the system.

And much more...

These are just a few of the enterprise features that Redakt CMS has to offer. Additionally, you can host website assets on a CDN, integrate with communication platforms like Slack, manage your SEO, and much more besides. You can even customize the system through our pluggable modular architecture. The possibilities are truly endless.