Cloud or on-premise Host your site anywhere

Many CMS products tie you down to a single hosting option. But what if you need multiple sites in many different situations? What if the cost of hosting dramatically changes? You need the flexibility that Redakt CMS offers in order to get the best from your sites.

Many organizations have different hosting needs for different projects. For example, one of your clients may require their platform to be hosted on-premise on Linux, while another requires Microsoft Azure. For many Content Management Systems, this combination is not possible within one system.

Redakt CMS, on the other hand, offers a variety of hosting options. This way, you can use a single CMS throughout your organization and for all your clients, instead of having the expertise of your developers fragmented over multiple different systems.

Cloud or on-premise

Many new web platforms are now moving to cloud hosting. Redakt CMS is ready for this and can be hosted in the cloud without any special configuration.

You can choose Microsoft Azure, Amazon Elastic Cloud, Google Cloud Platform or any cloud platform that can host .NET Core applications. For Azure and Amazon, their additional cloud services like CosmosDB, blob storage, and service bus, are supported out-of-the-box.

Of course, you can host Redakt CMS on-premise as well, on Windows, Linux or macOS servers. Or you can create a Docker container and move your application from environment to environment with ease.

Single instance or load-balanced

As Redakt CMS has been designed to be high-performance from the outset, for most websites a single server instance will be sufficient. However, for high traffic websites, load-balancing is available out-of-the-box. No special configuration is necessary as Redakt CMS will detect when multiple instances are running and keep everything synchronized.

You can even operate the back office application on a separate server safely behind a firewall, while your public web servers are load-balanced. Security, safety, and speed, all in one package.


Serverless hosting means that for the application, there is no concept of a specific server instance that it runs on. Typically, serverless hosting is used for performing small tasks, such as resizing an image.

You pay only for the time that such a task is running. However, this pricing model also makes it very interesting for full-blown web platforms. Imagine only paying for your hosting while people are actually visiting your website, and not when it is idle, for example during the night. This can be especially cost-effective for websites that have an irregular traffic load, like campaign websites, meaning that serverless architecture is an exciting development.

Support for AWS Lambda and Azure Functions is on the roadmap, but these platforms have not yet matured in a way that makes it easy to host a full enterprise platform. However, we are already preparing Redakt CMS for this, and we are looking forward to adding this option to the system as soon as we can.