Redakt.Web.TagHelpers Namespace

Redakt.Web.TagHelpers Namespace

Contains Redakt Razor tag helper classes.


Name Description
CanonicalTagHelper Creates a canonical tag for the current page. Also available as an attribute on the HeadTagHelper.
DictionaryTagHelper Renders a dictionary value for the current request culture.
HeadTagHelper Adds Redakt features to the head element.
ImageTagHelper Renders the image source url for image content.
MinifyTagHelper Minifies the HTML content of the element.
OpenGraphTagHelper Creeates OpenGraph meta elements for the current page.
PageAnchorTagHelper Updates an anchor element with a Redakt page href. If there is no child content, the page title is inserted as the anchor inner html.
PageCacheTagHelper Indicates that the content of this element should be cached by page.
PageLinkTagHelper Updates an anchor element with properties from a link object.
PropertyTagHelper Tag helper for rendering property values for several html elements.
RobotsTagHelper Creates a robots meta element for the current page. Takes settings from the page's property.


Name Description