Web application settings

Redakt CMS web rendering is configured through the appsettings.json file. Any configuration that is not included in the appsettings.json file will be set to its following default values.

    "Redakt": {
        "Web": {
            "Media": {
                "RootUrl": "/media",
                "CacheControlMaxAge": 2592000,
                "ImageCachePath": "App_Data\\Media\\Cache"
            "IgnorePaths": [ "/media" ]

Media - Root URL

Sets the root url where media files will be served from. Defaults to "/media". You can change this if the path conflicts with other resources on your system. Also, if images are served from a CDN, you can set a fully qualified url as the root url (e.g. https://redakt.azureedge.net/media) in which case media urls will be rendered with the fully qualified root url prepended.

Media - Cache Control Max Age

Sets the maximum cache age in seconds for served media. This will be written to the response with the Cache-Control: max-age HTTP header. Defaults to 2592000 (30 days).

Media - Image Cache Path

Sets the relative path where resized images will be cached. Defaults to "App_Data\Media\Cache".

Ignore Paths

Sets a string array of root url paths to ignore. Any request to the server that begins with one of the specified paths is ignored by Redakt CMS for page request processing. By default, the media root url is ignored since it normally contains only blob media files.