MongoDB is a document database with excellent scalability and flexibility. Both local and cloud instances/clusters are supported. Redakt CMS offers MongoDB integration through a NuGet package.


Install the package with the NuGet package manager or the Package Manager Console.

PM> Install-Package Redakt.Data.MongoDb

Register MongoDB services in the ConfigureServices method in your project's Startup.cs file.

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // ... framework and other services here

    services.AddRedakt(this.Configuration, builder =>
        // ... other Redakt services


The MongoDB data store is configured through the appsettings.json file. Any configuration that is not included in the appsettings.json file will be set to its following default values.

    "Redakt": {
        "DataStore": {
            "MongoDB": {
                "ConnectionString": "",
                "Database": ""

Connection String

Required. Sets the connection string to the MongoDB instance/cluster in URI format.


Required. Sets the MongoDB database name. A MongoDB database is not automatically created by Redakt CMS, therefore a database has to exist before starting Redakt CMS installation.