File Store

Redakt CMS supports several different file store modules. The file store module is responsible for storing and retrieving media files and other blobs. The Local File System file store module is included in the core and is the default module if no other module is registered.


You may prefer to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to optimize response times of your media files. If so, you need to set the Redakt.Web.Media.RootUrl application setting to the fully qualified media root of your CDN, e.g. for a typical Azure CDN url. When using the image tag helpers in your views, media urls with be set to your CDN root automatically.

File Store modules

Redakt develops and maintains the following file store modules. Click on the links below for setup instructions.

3rd party implementations

There are no known 3rd party implementations. If you would like to add one to this list, please contact us.

Custom implementation