One minute Quick Setup

Welcome to the Redakt CMS one minute quick setup guide. This guide will get you up and running with a local installation in under 1 minute!

This guide requires Visual Studio 2017. If you use Visual Studio 2015, or prefer not to use a project template, see the regular setup guide.

Create a new project

Open Visual Studio and create a new project from the File -> New -> Project... menu. Select the "Visual C#" folder in the Online templates folder. Search for the "Redakt CMS" template. Alternatively, you can download the project template from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Set project and solution names and press "OK". Your boilerplate Redakt CMS project will now be created.

Start your site

Press the play button to start your website.

Redakt will detect that this is a first time installation and will come up with an install screen. Enter new administrator credentials and your first website information and press "Install". The installation procedure populates the database with system master data. This will be done in a few seconds and you will be taken to the Redakt back office of your new website.


You are now done with setting up a local website with Redakt CMS. You can access the back office at the default /redakt url. This url can optionally be changed through configuration. The current configuration is suitable for smaller single instance websites. See the configuration guide for setting up Redakt in more advanced scenarios.

NOTE: You will also need to start implementing content models and layouts, and the back office application will display a warning until you do. See the implementation guides for further information.