Serverless hosting

Redakt CMS project setup for serverless hosting is slighly different from a regular Redakt setup. AWS Lambda is supported out of the box. Azure Functions hosting is not yet available, and will be supported at a later time.

AWS Lambda

Setting up Redakt for AWS Lambda is very simple. First, you need to install the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio if you have not done so already. Then, create a new AWS Lambda project as explained here.

You have now setup a basic ASP.NET MVC Core on AWS Lambda project. You can run the project to see if the basic setup is correct. Now, continue to setup the project as a regular Redakt project, following our standard setup guide from step 2.

We strongly recommend to setup a CDN for serving your static assets and media files, in order to significantly reduce compute time (and costs) spent serving them from the application itself.

When you deploy your project to AWS Lambda, by default the website homepage will be published on a url that includes a stage name (e.g. /prod/). In order to remove the stage name from the url you will need to setup a custom domain name and map the custom domain to a specific stage.

By default, an AWS Lambda project is configured to allocate 512MB of process memory. Depending on your website code and content/traffic volume, 128MB memory allocation may already be enough. Since AWS Lambda is priced per GB-seconds of compute, reducing process memory allocation will also reduce costs. Memory allocation can be configured in the AWS Console or in the serverless.template file of your project. Please note that CPU power is allocated proportionally to memory allocation, meaning that if you reduce memory allocation, you also reduce CPU power.

Azure Functions

Azure Functions has not yet matured enough to enable hosting a full website architecture. Therefore, this is not yet supported. Azure Functions hosting is on the Redakt roadmap and is considered an important feature. Once the platform is ready, we will add support for Azure Functions as soon as we can.