Icon attribute

API Reference: IconAttribute Class

The IconAttribute can be applied to page models and content models. The attribute specifies the icon to use in the user interface of the back office application.


Decorate the page model class with the IconAttribute. Pass the icon url in the attribute constructor. The Redakt.BackOffice.Icons struct in the back office package is a categorized list of all built-in icon urls.

The built-in icons are provided by the Streamline 3.0 icon library. See the Streamline icon viewer for a preview of the library. The Redakt.BackOffice.Icons struct follows the same categorization as the Streamline viewer. All regular weight Streamline 3.0 icons are available for selection in Redakt.

Default Convention

If IconAttribute is not specified, default icons will be selected for the page and content models.

Page Models If the page is the root page, a home icon will be selected, otherwise a default page icon will be selected.

Content Models If the content model is a folder, a default folder icon will be selected. Otherwise, a default text icon will be selected.


public class HomePage: IPageModel
    // ...

public class MyCustomContent: IContentModel
    // ...