Ignore Member attribute

API Reference: IgnoreMemberAttribute Class

The IgnoreMemberAttribute can be applied to page sections and content properties. The attribute indicates that the class member should be completely ignuored by the Redakt system. The member will not show up in the user interface and will not be saved to any data store. You can use this to add custom properties to your models that do not need to be managed by Redakt.


Decorate the page model class with the IgnoreMemberAttribute. No additional parameters are required.

Default Convention

If IgnoreMemberAttribute is not specified, the page section or content property will be available for use in the Readkt system, if the other criteria are met as well. See here for including sections and content properties.


[DisplayName("RSS Feed")]
public class RssFeed: IPageModel
    [DisplayName("SEO Settings")]
    public SeoContent Seo { get; set; }

    // Display name will be 'Second Paragraph' by convention
    public ParagraphContent SecondParagraph { get; set; }