Your Enterprise's Fully Customisable Content Management System

Do you want an enterprise-grade CMS platform that can be tailored with ease? Use Redakt to transform your ideal into a reality.

Organisations love Redakt

Here's why:

Redakt offers a distraction-free and simple back office. It comes with a developer-friendly and easy to customise back-end and a technologically strong foundation to allow scalability in the future. 

Integrate Redakt with your other systems and expand the user interface to include your own business processes. Invest in our future-ready CMS solution designed to fit the needs of all small to large organisations, agencies, content managers, developers and teams.

Redakt loves them back

Redakt works for all enterprises. It offers cross-platform deployment, integration possibilities, compatibility with various hosting options and suitability for complex projects. Plug or unplug modules as needed. Customisation is super easy and convenient. You can configure it as you want to without limitations.

Competitive, customisable & productive

Exhibit unique content and create with ease through Redakt. It lets you expand your business, teams and content base in an uncomplicated manner. 

Use the customisable flexibility it offers to enhance your competitive edge. Bring out your best version with the leading .NET Core enterprise CMS today.

Scalable & future-ready

And, Redakt is ready when you are. Do everything you wish to. Allow it to run unlimited sites, with unlimited designs, in unlimited languages together, all at one place, anytime. Make it simple or as elaborate as you need it to be.

Come for the extensive features, stay for the simplicity.

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