Easy content management

Editing your site should be simple and straightforward. Redakt's user interface is designed from the ground up for ease of use - and to save you time.

Sound familiar?

Content managers need to do one thing - manage content.

Many systems restrict usability with features, unused functions and other clutter. We want Redakt to change the workload by being optimized for content managers, not computer scientists. There's no steep learning curve and the user interface is intuitive and detailed.

Keep it simple

CMS portals are to be used every day. Why let stress get in the way?

Our back-office User Interface is beautiful and clean; designed by professionals with ease of use in mind. For example, if certain features are unavailable to the current user, they are invisible, keeping the workspace clear. A tidy desk is a tidy mind!

Works on any device

Completely responsive and fluid. Use it anywhere, anytime.

The Redakt back office is a responsive web application. The layout changes and adapts based on your device, giving you all the features you're used to using on the desktop. On smaller devices, Redakt still retains its full functionality. This allows you to manage your content even while on the road - or relaxing on your sofa.

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