Cut your hosting bill

Web performance directly impacts your hosting costs. With the unrivalled efficiency of Redakt, you can serve more traffic for less money.

​We can help you to cut back on your hosting bill, or serve more traffic faster without increasing costs. For example, the complete Redakt product website - including web server, database and file storage - has a running hosting cost (with Azure) of less than €70/month.

Snappy back office

​Our performance optimization isn't limited to page rendering; one of the most common complaints from content managers is that the back end is slow and counterintuitive to work with. We refined and perfected our system to make sure the back office of Redakt is fast and responsive, helping you to get great content out there without waiting around or losing work.

Best in class

Thanks to our well-optmized data structure and speedy rendering pipeline, Redakt handles page requests in a snap. Server response times are well under 100ms on most devices*, which beats average real-world web response times (check out Think with Google for the numbers). The best thing about these lightning response times? Redakt does it all with no extras required. 

Intelligent data capture also helps us to maintain these figures during peak usage. If you can configure everything succinctly, we can get response time down as low as 20ms. Redakt also reduces the impact of any major site changes so they're almost undetectable, so your team can implement changes they've been working on without affecting the user experience. 

* of course, we can't control other factors, but rest assured that Redakt will give you top industry results

Global sites and top speeds

Because Redakt works straight out-of-the-box, a single server is more than enough to run a fast, effective site. Our CMS was designed with distributed environments in mind, so if you're working with a complicated setup or just need extra support for increased performance, you're in the right place. You can set Redakt up with no extra configuration whatsoever.

If you have sites based in various countries, you can use our built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN) support. Serving your content across the globe is just a few clicks away, with multi-site and multi-language support based on customer locations - plus the right tech to direct customers to local services

Site speed is crucial to your SEO health. Every additional 0.5s it takes to load your site drastically increases the % of visitors that will leave your site. The speed is calculated by tracking the time taken for the website to load on desktop and mobile devices using a 3G connection speed.​

Want to know more?

Check out our blog for an in-depth look at what Redakt's response times and load-balancing can do for you (and your hosting bills)