Have it your way

Your CMS might try to tie you down to one specific database, which can be a hassle if you’re trying to operate different sites with different data stores at once. Redakt’s unique flexibility allows you to pick the best data store for your project and your expertise. 

So, where to start? Your decision might be affected by your company’s field, your application’s performance or even your personal preference. We know every situation is different, so we made Redakt as flexible as possible.

Choosing the right store

The past few years have seen document (NoSQL) databases becoming more and more popular, giving developers the choice between these and ‘traditional’ relational databases. Redakt is all about finding the balance between the familiar ways we build while embracing the future, so we can handle whatever your preference may be. 

That said, we do like to look to more effective, futureproof ways to build applications, which is why we suggest the simplicity of document data stores. With this more natural fit for the way Redakt handles data, you can build highly scalable applications with no need for additional implementation per database.

We do it all

Redakt works with all popular data stores out-of-the-box, including highly scalable cloud data stores like Azure CosmosDB and Amazon DynamoDB, fast databases that can be run on-premises or hosted like MongoDB and RavenDB as well as LiteDB, a local file database for smaller projects. 

Web content can be hard to manage, so we suggest using built-in supported databases with Redakt, but it’s also possible to plug in your own and take advantage of our unique modular architecture. Implement your own data layer, connect to your preferred store and you’re ready to go! It really is that easy. This won’t affect the way the rest of the CMS works, it’ll just be different and - thanks to our adaptability - integrate with no hassle.

What about my own data?

​You might also have some of your own data to store, which could be a nightmare if you’ve also got to set up and manage a separate store for it. With Redakt you can either add your own data to our existing out-of-the-box stores, or add your own data into whichever other store you’ve chosen. Keeping it simple by keeping it all in one palace just seems the most sensible to us. The hard work is done; now you can focus on top-notch service. 

That’s not all, folks

You should also remember that, like many aspects of the Redakt CMS, being able to mold the data store to your preferences isn’t a one-off. Almost every aspect of the product including file storage, service bus, application cache, text search and messaging components are also customizable. Or you can use the ones we provide as standard. 

Whatever you want to achieve, Redakt offers choice. Work with our simple existing structures, replace them with your own, write something new or get rid of something completely - it’s up to you. We aim to provide a seamless, hassle-free experience that allows you to simplify the building blocks of your site and spend more time growing your business.