Fully customise your publication workflow

Choose the default edit-approve-publish style, or allow immediate publishing. Or create a custom workflow.

Manage your site or group of sites running on the Redakt CMS the way you need them to be managed. Retain and delegate control as needed. Redakt offers enterprise-grade user access controls to match your organisation's security and management needs.

Awaiting your approval

Depending on your organizational structure, you might need different permissions and capabilities for the content you are publishing. Redakt's default settings allow anyone with publishing permission to get content out there immediately, hassle-free. For extra steps, you can alter user permissions and integrate review/request functions. ​

This permission specification is supported for both page content and asset content, so you can easily prevent accidents.

Limit user functionality to ensure the enforcement of a proper chain of command. Keep your back office secure and tidy. Remain in control while allowing the content team to develop outstanding, creative content that matches your brand persona. 

Workflow types

Mix and match your own workflows.

You can reconfigure the basic style to suit your exact needs. This includes workflow patterns like: 

  • "Content needs to be approved by an editor first, then approved by the Editor-in-Chief before it can be published"
  • "Content needs to be approved by three different editors before it can be published by the original author only"

In combination with Redakt's customizable permissions, the possibilities are endless. 

Customisation for each site

You may find the customisable workflow functionality exceptionally helpful when managing more than one site or project on the Redakt CMS. It is a full-fledged enterprise-grade CMS after all. This allows you to work with added control, manage various user levels and user groups. 

Management of complete project teams can be done on the portal while allowing them to view some projects and limit others. This can help in streamlining the work needed and the overall back-office integrity with no room for operational mess-ups due to upsizing or scaling up.