Cutting edge technology with a strong foundation

Redakt CMS was built to run on Microsoft .NET Core. This allows for cross-platform deployments, high-performance scalable systems and better productivity. 

The main point of differentiation between Redakt and any other enterprise-grade CMS is that you will be able to unlock your content team's true potential through a distraction-free, focused interface and user-friendly tools that promote work quality. All of this is backed by cutting-edge future-ready technology so that your workflows remain unchoked and free-flowing.

Your choice of framework

Many CMS products are locked to single platforms, but what can you do if your organization doesn’t actively use that platform? You’ll face complications and a steep learning curve, and that’s just the beginning. 

What if you choose one CMS, then your company decides to change its base platform? Redakt CMS supports multiple platforms out of the box, so you’re ready to go immediately and the site is prepared for the future too. 

All current .NET enterprise CMS use the .NET Framework, but Redakt uses .NET Core. We're the first in in our class to run on the new technology, making site development and management easier and protecting your hard work from complicated future changes. 

For convenient deployment and flexible migration from platform to platform, Redakt comes with clean and tidy compatibility with any framework that you may want to choose. It will not create hurdles for your business if you want to scale up exponentially. 

You can increase the number of users on the CMS. The number of sites can increase to as many as you need to add. The access options and management controls are endless on Redakt. It is a front-to-back blitz-scalable system ready to suit your needs and change with them as you go forward.