Specific Clearance Parametres

Unlike other CMS, Redakt inludes unlimited custom user options. Use our specific clearance parameters for every object, including configuring your own permissions.

Redakt works with unlimited user options. You can tweak the existing user controls and allow the permissions for each section of the back end office to work as you need it to. Manage various Access Control Lists and customise the permissions and visibility of each section on each website managed on the Redakt CMS by your organisation.

Access Control Lists

Redakt uses a concept called Access Control Lists (ACLs) for authorization. Use them to set permissions on any resource, including websites, pages and assets. Permissions can be set at the top level and inherited through the content tree, or overridden at any point for more specific restrictions. 

The back end allows for even more specific allowances per module, page or language. You can allow temporary users, create unique setups for global teams and protect your content from accidents and inexperience. 

Redakt reflects your organizational structure through its workflow and helps you to protect your business.

Customizable permissions

Redakt has a fully functional permission structure out-of-the-box. This includes basic create, read, edit, publish and delete permissions for management groups with no hassle. You can set everything up quickly, then come back later and fine-tune so that the right people see your content at the right time. 

For more advanced setups, you can create and implement back office dialog that is only visible to certain levels. Check out our advanced publication workflows and create new permissions for more.

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