Ready for use

Our fully customisable modern .NET Core enterprise-grade CMS has launched. Redakt is ready to use for small to large enterprises. It allows organisations to have customised, high performing, future-proof websites with an easy to use back office for superior productivity. The CMS uses a strong technical foundation that allows scalability and cross-platform support when needed.

Redakt is designed to make content management for complex websites simpler. Everything within the CMS can be modified according to the organisation's specific needs through simple development processes. Developers can add or remove as many modules as they require to the existing pluggable modular architecture of the platform.

Agencies can deliver premium and customised projects with a reduced turnaround time. Content managers can publish content without requiring any technical knowledge. Developers can implement platform customisations in less time.

Choosing Redakt for your organisation

Organisations looking for a future-proof enterprise-grade CMS option can choose Redakt without worrying about compatibility, implementation or ease of use. The following key questions/concerns can help firms in making the right decision.

Will you be trying to drive significant growth in website traffic?

If there are possibilities of your website traffic scaling over time then you need a CMS built on cutting-edge technology. Redakt is the only enterprise-grade CMS option based on Microsoft .NET Core. So if you expect the content volume, site traffic and the website structure to expand over time then you really do need to choose Redakt.

Will your existing technology dependencies persist, or will they evolve with a new CMS?

Some firms may want to switch over to Redakt from CMS options that are just not working out for them. Redakt allows cross-platform support to allow various modules to be plugged in without hurdles. This allows you to migrate swiftly and consistently improve throughout your journey with Redakt.

How many websites will you require and in how many languages?

If you require your websites to offer multi-language support, or if you want to set up various sites in one place then in both cases Redakt is your go to choice. 

Redakt allows you to conveniently manage multiple corporate sites of the same enterprise in one place. It also allows each one of your sites to be published in as many languages as you want it to be available in.

What features might you need in the future?

If you plan to incorporate unique design layouts, styling options and content structures into your site in the future then you should allow your dev team to play with Redakt. It allows you to reconfigure with ease and modify every part of your CMS in the way you want it to be. If this is the level of customisation and flexibility that you want then rely on Redakt’s comfort.

Will the other CMS options still be relevant for at least the next decade or so?

The cyclical evolution of technology has rendered many platforms obsolete in recent years. This pattern can be pre-empted and avoided. Do not fall prey to platforms that are not future-ready or rather bound to fail. Choose a CMS that remains just as good in the future as it is today.

Detailed overview

Redakt allows users to maximise the return on the resources invested. These include labour costs, hosting costs, and the delivery time across your enterprise. It is designed to make your entire web content management taskforce more productive.

Check out the following links more details on the main features of Redakt:

Try it out today

You can take Redakt for a spin by checking out the live demo. See the back office in action and manage content for the fictional Redakt Hotel and Resort website.

Developers are invited to try the community edition. The community edition allows free use of Redakt for a single user and single website. The knowledge base can assist you during the setup process. 

Alternatively, if you do not want to get into setting up your own site to explore Redakt, you can try a local installation of The Redakt Hotel and Resort. It's available on GitHub here.

Further information

Book a demo with the Redakt team to learn more about the Redakt CMS and its features. Our proactive team is ready to help you at any point in time. For more information get in touch with us.