Bring your own design

Good branding is essential for success.

At Redakt, we understand how important it is to be distinguishable and cohesive, bringing customers back time and time again. Our unique CMS lets you implement a web design entirely your own. 

Page layouts are 100% customizable

Redakt doesn’t restrict you to ‘fake flexibility’ layouts which only accommodate so much change before sticking or breaking. Write your own style, re-use the one from your current site or find a new one for a fresh start. Nothing is predefined, so everything works. 

Plug in existing design elements or create your own

Use different elements to display your content the way you want to. Whether that means choosing existing modules from your current site or writing brand new ones, you can make your content better without worrying about compatibility or how well pages will look live. 

Re-use common components between pages

Constantly reconfiguring elements per page is tiring, so Redakt offers a global dictionary to help your common content stay updated across the site. You can also take advantage of simple module addition in the back office as well as unlimited module types, so you can be as specific and extensive as you need to be, while keeping it super simple. 

Keep your design team

We know big businesses (and small ones!) have dedicated existing teams who know their systems inside out. Redakt won’t force you to change anything about your team, meaning they can help you carry over your familiar layouts and elements from your existing setup. We also support low-impact implementation, so you don’t have to inconvenience your visitors either. 

In short, there’s nothing too complex and nothing too simplistic for Redakt. If you want to embrace minimalism and reduce clutter on the front and back ends, our system makes it easy. If instead you need layers and layers of interlinked content across several pages with unique written plugins and specific elements for your business, Redakt can help with that too. 

To explore our adaptable system try the (basic) features of Redakt, send a message via the contact form and find out how we can work for you.