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We understand that your front-end content managers, back-end development teams and designers are all separate entities. It was thus imperative to develop the perfect solution that was very targetted and relevant at each end. A headless CMS architecture was the answer to it. 

What is a headless CMS?

Redakt is a hybrid. Combine traditional server-side page rendering with our headless Content Delivery API to get the best of both worlds. We remove the front end (i.e. the website) from your setup and simplifies the process of getting information from the back office to the website user.  You get to create, manage, store, publish and develop various assets in a minimalist fashion. 

Your content delivery team does not have to worry about the back-end functionality, HTML coding and so on. Whereas your back-end team does not need to worry about any areas that are unrelated to their work specialty. Redakt keeps it simple, tidy and focused for every user depending on their role in the craft.

Of course, this isn’t for everyone, so Redakt offers a unique hybrid of this technology with traditional server-side structures. 

How it works

You can still pull information from your databases in the usual way, but with a headless CMS you can also push that information through to apps, single-page application frameworks and any other page innovation your site needs. Redakt lets you present your data directly from the API, focusing functionality on a strong base and giving you the freedom to build in elements and data from almost anywhere.

What does that mean for Redakt users?

Simplicity, freedom and future-proofing. It's all possible with Redakt CMS.

​Using Redakt’s headless API gives you freedom over how you use the web for your business - which databases you use, what you integrate, the code you write with and the ease with which you can mold and adapt the back office to show your clients exactly what they need. ​

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