Where do I begin?

It might seem like the world has already completed its ‘digital transformation’ with the wealth of online applications, processes and platforms. At Redakt, we want to push it even further.

Using Redakt to grow your business

​As well as providing easy tools to centralize your (previously offline) business processes, like recording sales or other data, Redakt offers specific tools aimed at digitisation. Most importantly, you can re-use components of the CMS to create your own applications within the interface, a feature which covers every available interface element. You can also take any existing service we provide, such as database access and file storage, and re-work those into the process your business needs. 

What can I do for my business?

You could create an application for hotel bookings and reservation management, including existing components and UI features from Redakt. 

You might want to simplify your online processes, which you could do with connected front and back end elements to improve CRM or marketing efforts. Of course, we cannot claim to completely replace the complexity of a strong marketing strategy, but Redakt CMS offers enough functionality that general users within your team can achieve everything they need to achieve without going outside the product.

The advantage of working in a single system

​What else can we say? One system means one user login per person. One place to manage all the aspects of your world-facing business profile. One application with no additional implementation or compatibility issues. If you want additional functionality, you can build it into our CMS and not have to worry about juggling extra systems or checking compatibility. 

The ability to build and reshuffle your site’s core building blocks is one of the most unique things about Redakt CMS. We’re passionate about bringing businesses into the future without scaring off our clients who might not have all the know-how. 

With our simple, out-of-the-box features, you can build and modify everything to create the perfect online environment for your business to thrive. And if you’ve got the expertise, you can also tweak and re-use pieces to your advantage, no fuss.