One CMS, multiple platforms.

At Redakt, we built a Content Management System based on freedom. When you build a website, you’ve got plenty to think about - who is your target audience? What’s the customer journey? But the most important building block is one step back: where are you hosting your site?

It can be hard to choose the best hosting platform among the many competitors, so we created Redakt CMS to work with anything and everything. If you’re staying on-premises, working with a distributed environment, keeping everything in the cloud or any combination of the services and platforms out there, Redakt will work for you. 

Here are five reasons why our ability to host your site anywhere might just be your ticket to huge growth and fantastic returns.

1. Pick-your-own

Redakt won’t tie you to a single hosting platform. If your business has complex needs (like multiple sites or specific requirements from clients) and has been working across a web of different platforms, it’s definitely costing you money. 

One client might need on-premises Linux hosting while someone else uses Microsoft Azure. Hosting all of these sites in one place just isn’t possible with most providers, but Redakt allows your whole team to work from a single CMS. Stop splitting your expertise over different systems and start showing your customers what you can really do.

We offer complete flexibility and support, so you can focus on streamlining your services and improving your client’s experiences without getting bogged down in tech troubles.

2. In the cloud or on-premises

Need both? Don’t worry, Redakt CMS can handle all your website hosting needs. Your team can work on single servers or distributed environments from the same back office, taking advantage of hassle-free implementation and tons of out-of-the-box utilities. 

We support Microsoft Azure, Amazon Elastic Cloud, Google Cloud Platform or any cloud platform that can host .NET Core applications. For Azure and Amazon, their additional cloud services like CosmosDB, blob storage and service bus are supported out-of-the-box. You can also build on Windows, Linux or macOS servers. Or create a Docker container and move your application from environment to environment with ease.

In a time when providers are moving steadily towards cloud hosting, we’re bridging the gap; ready for the future while still supporting businesses and service providers who might not be there yet.

3. Single instance or load-balanced

Single server instances are more than enough for website hosting, so of course Redakt CMS can handle these builds. On top of that, high traffic websites can use load-balanced environments without any extra configuration - everything works straight out-of-the-box and our smart detection software will identify multiple instances and synchronize everything. 

It’s also possible to use a separate back office application for secure website hosting so you can protect your content behind a firewall and have a public load-balanced server. We’ll give you security, safety and speed all in one package.

4. Serverless hosting

Redakt CMS can take web hosting to a whole new level: with no specific server instances tied to your site, you can run small tasks (like resizing images) on a serverless basis. 

With this technology, you only pay for the time a task is running, which saves you money in the long run, but have you considered the further implications? With a sophisticated build, you could only pay for hosting when people are using your site, saving money on idle time. This standard of web hosting could be hugely beneficial for campaign websites or irregular traffic services - and Redakt CMS is ready to integrate with and support serverless architecture right away.  

At present, we’re waiting on AWS Lambda and Azure Functions to develop far enough to easily support a full enterprise platform. As soon as they’re ready, we’ll be joining them and adding plenty of new out-of-the-box functionality to support the future of web hosting. 

5. Containerize it

​Cross-platform support for hosting needs is a given, so it should be no surprise that Redakt CMS also allows containerization from the get-go. Redakt applications work with anything supporting .NET Core (like Docker). Move your containerized applications between hosts from Microsoft Azure and Amazon ECS to Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and Docker Hub with no additional configuration for your orchestration tools - we support Kubernetes and Docker Swarm, for starters.

From start to finish, Redakt makes web hosting a breeze. If you need something simple, you can work with all our base utilities straight away, and our users who require support for high-traffic, multi-site builds can keep working on their projects with no additional configuration. 

So, there you have it. Five reasons why Redakt CMS is your answer to simple website hosting, even if it's complicated. Take a look at the rest of the blog here, check our developer features here and - if we’ve convinced you - click below to enquire about our trial period and license options.