Nobody likes being tied down

We all know the drill - you want to write something engaging for your readers and use creative layouts to get some attention. You want to find and change small parts of your long-form content without scrolling forever; you want to maximize your layout while retaining specific controls over appearance. With many existing CMS, this is a big ask.

Instead of going back and forth in style sheets or using complicated plugins, Redakt offers simple, effective, nested content structures per page from the get-go. Enjoy simple or complex setups in a straightforward back-office, complete with internal labelling options and per-module style. If you want it that way. Instead, you could choose a rigid style, keeping it minimal and conformant, it’s up to you. 

Your content, your way

There are infinite ways you can display content, and all these modules can be added and used (at any level) to make your content pop. That might mean a simple image carousel with links, it might mean four columns of important info, or maybe a contact form with different display options for where it’s placed on the page. Redakt can handle it all.

Redakt includes a ton of built-in content field editors. These can be easily added to or changed by your web team, with a short turnaround thanks to the way we built our update system. Some basic included content fields are single- and multiline text boxes, rich text (HTML) editors, numeric editors, checkboxes, radio button lists and dropdown (multi-)select lists. 

But wait, there’s more…

Our CMS structure won’t limit you. As well as infinite flexibility in module types, nesting and display, Redakt goes in-depth from the very first step.

For the more tech-minded, Redakt offers lots of options for how your content will actually function when visitors interact with it. For example, it’s easy to organize and manage dependency injections, making your applications easier to extend and allowing loose coupling.

If you’d like even more information on what you can do with Redakt, from simple appearance management to managed object creation, please get in touch using the form below. Every user can find solutions in our platform, which we think makes us pretty special. Developers and system integrators can take advantage of our adaptable software, content managers can focus on conversions and organizations can look forward to the needs of their clients instead of everyone being stuck on the same old difficult CMS. It’s time for something new.