Take charge of your message across cultures

Redakt CMS supports multiple languages, domains and cultures, enabling our users to create ‘local’ websites, dedicate pages and content to different language groups without making your visitors rely on in-browser translate tools.

Send a message to the people

​Redakt CMS allows you to translate a website, page or piece of content in a totally flexible way. You can use the same structure for the same site in two languages, edit specific pieces of content per page and even make changes depending on cultural differences like US and UK English. 

An additional feature that comes with Redakt CMS is unique permissions per language, site group or culture, so you can protect your content and keep local teams working away in their native languages.

How does multi-language support work?

Individual sections in the back office can be marked as culture-dependent (written content, forms, etc.) or culture-invariant (images) to save you doing the same work twice. It’s possible to set up language separations without using them, so your Spanish section can be set up but currently linked to English content, allowing you to focus on the quality of your site translation. 

You can modify page content and objects from the asset library in any language thanks to our inclusive back office. We also provide a global dictionary for non-language-specific content like buttons, which can be managed separately. 

With Redakt, you don’t have to worry about going in at different times and trying to organise a structure in  segments over several months. Get everything organised with our out-of-the-box tools, add your content as and when you can, and watch your audience marvel at your attention to detail.

Website structure

Redakt CMS offers a lot of options for page structure. You can keep one site structure with multiple versions of a page in your chosen languages, hve totally separate versions of the site per language, or go for a combo. This flexibility comes as standard with Redakt, making site translation simple and allowing your team to focus on what your clients see, rather than the state of your CMS. 

You can publish pages separately in different languages, synchronize or stagger  time zones, create new sites for new languages and any combination of these capabilities. Redakt will work with your website translation needs to deliver a simple, cost-effective solution for your web teams while adding enormous value to your site.

Which URLs and domains can you use?

Different language content will have a different page URL, but you can decide what that looks like. You could have any combination of the following staples, or stick to one pattern: 

Choose a different language per domain - en.redakt.com and es.redakt.com

Or pick different prefixes, keeping languages on one domain - www.redakt.com and www.redakt.es or redakt.com/en and redakt.com/es

As you can see, the variety of support for site translation and maintaining several languages on one site is expansive and reactive. Whether you want to create one site with a host of different language content, or dedicate a very different set of needs to a different language or culture, Redakt will support your plan. 

Our flexibility and ease of implementation make page translation a breeze, giving you the opportunity to focus on delivering quality to your global customers. Click below to find out more about our trial period and license options.