All your websites in one place

Many enterprises need to manage multiple sites. Besides your main corporate site, you might have campaign sites, temporary sites or a staff intranet. With Redakt, you can put them all in the same system.

Common elements or different designs

​When hosting multiple websites on the same platform, each site has a completely separate page structure. With different (or similar) styles, designs and elements, Redakt can store and specify which visual template apply to which pages. Have a blanket style, mix and match or configure separate templates altogether. 

Strength in numbers

​​The advantages of having all your sites in the same system are endless, check out our top six!​

Shared resources

​You can use media and documents from your asset libraries between different sites. This also includes content snippets, like team member profiles or office locations.​


​When you create links between pages of different sites, Redakt will ensure that these remain valid when you move or rename a page, so you don't need to worry about dead links or slogging through to fix them.​

Move and copy between sites

​As your sites grow and change in content, you may want to relocate pages. Redakt allows you to move and copy pages between sites on the same platform.​

Single login

​Content managers that work on different sites don't have to log in to separate systems but use a single account with varied and consistent restriction capabilities.

Optimized hosting

​When hosting sites separately, you may have some that get less traffic but still use expensive hosting resources. Putting all your sites together allows you to optimize resources and cut costs. Win-win.​

Custom code

​With everything in a single application, you can re-use custom code and business logic between your sites, such as form processing and integrations with other systems.​

Simple site management

Site management all happens in the Redakt back office, where you can specify languages and hostnames.

​​You can add multiple hostnames per site, so you can add staging and development environments without switching between applications. Site languages can be configured for different hostnames, or on the same hostname with a different root path. As with all Redakt modules, all aspects of management can be restricted to specific users (i.e. administrators).​

Want to know more?

Redakt is the top choice for complex collections of product and services sites, you can do a lot more with it. To learn about other perks of managing multiple sites in a single CMS visit our blogs.

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