Here's why any enterprise looking for a CMS should choose Redakt:

Redakt allows users to maximise the return on the resources invested. Labour costs, hosting costs, and the delivery time across your enterprise can be improved with Redakt. It is designed to make your entire web content management taskforce more productive.

Blazing-fast performance

Web performance directly impacts your hosting costs. Serve more traffic for less money at an optimal speed with Redakt’s efficiency.

Cutting edge .NET Core technology

Redakt CMS was built to run on Microsoft .NET Core. This allows for cross-platform deployments, high-performance scalable systems and better productivity.

Headless CMS & server-side rendering

Through Redakt you can combine traditional server-side page rendering with our headless Content Delivery API to get the best of both worlds. 

Our headless Content Delivery API separates content from its presentation. Content is created once, then rendered on any page, device or interface. Content managers can create, manage, store, and publish various assets without any technical knowledge. 

Pluggable modular architecture

You can plug in essential components of your choice. These include data stores, service bus, file storage options, and an application cache.


This allows you to select a data store of your choice, including out of the box choices such as MongoDB and RavenDB, fast document databases that are run on-premises or hosted, Azure CosmosDB and Amazon DynamoDB for storing data in the cloud, or LiteDB, a local file database for smaller projects.

Service bus

Redakt CMS communicates with service instances through a service bus. This can be done through a specialized collection in a MongoDB database, in the cloud with Azure Service Bus, or with Amazon SNS/SQS. 

Asset libraries

​All images, documents and other large files are saved and retrieved by a storage module. Redakt can keep everything locally, in a network share, with the data in a MongoDB or RavenDB database, or even in the cloud with Azure Blob Storage or Amazon S3.

Application cache

Application caching speeds up response times and helps to prevent expensive round trips to the data store for commonly retrieved objects. Objects can be cached in local server memory, in a Redis cache, or a Memcached service.

Hosting flexibility

Redakt can be hosted in the cloud without any special configuration. You can also choose from serverless, single-instance or load-balanced hosting options too. 

Pick from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Elastic Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, or anything else that can host .NET Core applications. For Azure and Amazon, their additional cloud services like CosmosDB, blob storage, and service bus, are supported out-of-the-box. 

You can also host the Redakt CMS on-premises on Windows, Linux, or macOS servers. Or you can create a Docker container and move your application from one environment to another with ease.

Styling flexibility

Customise your content according to your branding requirements. Redakt allows you to alter page layouts and use common styling elements with ease. This includes a simple image carousel with links, multiple columns of text, various forms, single- and multiline text boxes, rich text (HTML) editors, numeric editors, checkboxes, radio button lists, dropdown (multi-)select lists and asset options.

Your web development team can add a ton of options for the built-in content field editors to allow you to display content and media as you please. Redakt is all about flexibility. 

This is super easy to adapt to. Instead of requiring long style sheets, coding or using complicated plugins, Redakt offers simple, effective, nested content structures with tidy internal labelling for every page from the get-go.

Hassle-free application deployment

Keep your workstreams streamlined by having all teams work in parallel, for quick and cost-efficient deployment of multiple sites.

Easy reconfiguration

All content model (re)configuration is done in code, so whenever you deploy your website to another environment, the configuration is deployed with it, eliminating any chance of errors. Content models can even be deployed in a shared library, allowing for re-use between projects. 

No copying required

Also, the embedded asset libraries remove the need to copy media during deployment, which removes missing asset errors and ensures that all CMS-related assets are always up-to-date.

Any build server

A Redakt application can be deployed through any build server that supports deployment of .NET Core applications, such as Azure DevOps, Atlassian Bamboo or JetBrains TeamCity. 


With Redakt, you can use container solutions that support .NET Core (like Docker) and move applications from host to host (Microsoft Azure, Amazon ECS, Google Cloud, Docker Hub, Digital Ocean) using container orchestration tools (like Kubernetes and Docker Swarm).

Multi-language, Multi-cultural websites

Enjoy advanced multi-language features out-of-the-box. Use the same structure per language, or separate it. It is your decision. If you currently serve an international audience or expect to in the near future, make sure you choose a CMS that supports multilingual editing tools and intuitive translation workflows.

Laws surrounding digital information and censorship vary from country to country, so you can publish different content for different countries based on the legal requirements within the same CMS. This allows your websites to be inclusive, global and intelligent. 

Fine-grained authorisation 

Redakt has a fully functional permission structure out-of-the-box. This includes basic create, read, edit, publish and delete permissions for management groups with no hassle. Choose specific clearance parameters for every object and configure your own permissions.

Redakt uses a concept called Access Control Lists (ACLs) for authorisation. Set permissions on any resource, including websites, pages and assets with ACLs. The dashboard will help you to keep tabs on different categories of content, for example, content that is awaiting approval and content per topic. 

Customisable publishing workflow

Choose the default edit-approve-publish style, or allow immediate publishing. Or create a custom workflow. In combination with Redakt's customisable permissions, reinforce your work SOPs. Having control over who can publish content will help you prevent mistakes. The customisable workflows within your CMS will help everyone stay on track with common enterprise goals and values.

User-friendly distraction-free interface

Unlock your content team's true creative potential through a distraction-free, focused interface and user-friendly tools that promote work quality.

  • Easily scale content creation with the distraction-free minimalist user interface
  • Preview content in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor
  • Optimise your site experience on mobile, web and app
  • Enjoy a leading .NET Core CMS with enterprise-class security and reliability
  • Manage content without worrying about the technicality
  • Benefit from easy integration with other systems and data
  • Deliver in-session personalisation to shape unique and exceptional experiences to boost conversions

Multiple websites on a single CMS

Your CMS taskforce can log in using a single account with optional restriction capabilities. This feature also benefits organisations by optimising resources and cutting costs. ​Re-use custom code and business logic between your sites, such as form processing and integrations with other systems.​ Share asset libraries among different sites.

Create links between pages of different sites without worrying about dead links or slogging through to fix them.​ Or move and copy pages among these sites with very few clicks. Every website requires ​urgent updates from time to time to accommodate trends, campaigns and new ideas. Our CMS deals with this automatically with its strong link management. The links remain accessible even when moved around or changed on your site.

There is a ton more to it.

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