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Play around with Redakt's functionality through the fully licensed Demo Site: The Redakt Hotel. This will give you a preview of the extensive features and possibilities of the Redakt Enterprise-Grade Content Management System.

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The Redakt Hotel & Resort is a fictional showcase web application running on Redakt CMS.

Developers can download the demo application from GitHub. Simply clone the project and hit run, and you can immediately start checking out Redakt features for yourself!

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Congratulations, you have won yourself a Hotel!

Check out the detailed modules, functional flexibility and amazing possibilities with The Redakt Hotel. This will give you a sneak peek into the extensive features and application of the advanced Redakt Enterprise-Grade Content Management System.

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If you would still like further details and take a deeper dive into the background, application and impact of the Redakt CMS, then do check out The Redakt Blog.


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