Check out the Redakt live demo

Play with Redakt's functionality through the fictional live demo site: The Redakt Hotel. Preview extensive features and possibilities of the Redakt CMS.

Try it yourself

The Redakt Hotel & Resort live demo is a fully functional Redakt website where you can try out the back office and features of Redakt immediately without having to download or install anything first.

Use username demo and password demo to login to the back office user interface.

Have a go at some content management

Check out the detailed modules, functional flexibility and unlimited possibilities with The Redakt Hotel.

This will give you a sneak peek into the features of our advanced enterprise-grade content management system.

Install it locally

The Redakt Hotel & Resort demo site can also be installed locally for a more in-depth trial.

Developers can download the demo application from GitHub. Simply clone the project, hit run, and you can start exploring Redakt yourself. Experiment locally with all customisation and integration possibilities Redakt has to offer.

Open on GitHub

Alternatively, choose to set it up from scratch.

Install the Redakt NuGet packages to set-up the CMS for a project of your choice with the community edition. Use the license to run one website for free and experience Redakt for as long as you need to.

Get Started

Need to know more?

If you would like to take a deeper dive into the background, application and impact of the Redakt CMS then book a personal demonstration with one of our consultants.

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