Exceptional experience for every user involved

Redakt is a modern, enterprise-grade Web Content Management System solution focused on performance and ease of use. It works well for everyone involved.

Perks for developers

Redirect your efforts to the right places.

No domino effect.

The need for small iterations on a daily basis stagnate growth. If developers are stuck making countless menial cosmetic changes to the back-end then your overall product is facing a serious opportunity cost of time.

Simpler everything.

Implementation, customisation and upgrades can be simpler. The Redakt CMS comes with a clean and tidy back end to help developers plugin various modules with ease whenever needed.


It offers cross-platform compatibility. Cutback on the delivery time and effort in site development and maintenance needs at your enterprise. Develop exciting products in lesser time than ever.

Want to know more about how all of this works? Let's get technical.

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Perks for Agencies & System integrators

Invest your resources at the best place.

Single login

Enjoy the perks of a single content management system. One login to access as many sites as you need to. Share resources, cutback on priming time needed for every other setup.

Disciplined management

Enjoy various authorisation possibilities, unique workflows that match your needs. Define user access based on your policy. Customise every aspect. Reduce time lags or complications.

Unlimited sites

Redakt works well with any number of websites that you need to manage along with your existing teams.  Share resources, assets, reduce the time spent on learning other platforms. 

Spark creativity

Craving the tools to showcase the untapped creative potential at your agency? Unlock new achievements with the Redakt CMS. Choose to customise with ease and work distraction-free.

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For Agencies & System Integrators

Perks for Content Managers

Bring out your best work.

Distraction-free productivity

We know that an efficient and simple user interface is essential to productivity. Create content in a focused environment designed to extract your best output without additional stress.

No limitations

Leverage the right blend of editable workflows, full language or location personalisation possibilities and customisable tools to fuel the most creative projects.

Your content, your way.

Redakt removes the dependency on the development team when it comes to small iterations, revisions, designing and so on. Take control of your work and enjoy a lag-free performance regularly.

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For Organisations

No hassle

Digitise your processes, manage your content seamlessly and securely. Seamless enterprise-level content management.

Unlimited scalability

Redakt opens you up to a new world of creative opportunities without creating problems for future.

No compromises

Keep all your assets, resources in one place without sacrificing discipline or speed. Smooth back-office operations.

Explore all benefits of choosing the Redakt CMS for your enterprise.


Tranformational for all

Build the product you want with Redakt. Transform your content delivery approach and excecute personalised brand personas with unlimited customisation possibilities suited for all developers, content managers, agencies and enterprises involved.

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