Redakt for Agencies & System Integrators

When the job gets complicated, we're here to keep it simple. Redakt is a powerful and competitive CMS option for agencies and system integrators. It offers quick setup, easy customisation and hassle-free site maintenance.

Using Redakt for your clients

Redakt enhances your team productivity. It makes CMS configuration, implementation and future maintenance simpler. Agencies can deliver high-value customised applications for reduced costs and delivery times.

  • Cross-platform deployment, choice of different databases and services, and many hosting options.
  • Manage multiple websites for your client in a single content management system.
  • Choose between traditional server-side rendering, headless operation, or a combination of both.

Redakt is a fully customisable system. Shape it according to your client's requirements at any time. Using Redakt will allow hurdle-free scalability when their business grows. Redakt is built on Microsoft's future-proof .NET Core technology.

Here's why agencies use Redakt for their complex enterprise-level projects.

Fulfil every requirement, deadline and expectation with ease.

.NET Core technology

Redakt CMS was built to run on Microsoft .NET Core. This allows for cross-platform deployments, high-performance scalable systems and better productivity. 

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Any Build Server

As a regular .NET Core application, Redakt does not have any special deployment requirements. Deploy through any build server that supports .NET Core applications.

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Containerisation Possibilities

Due to our cross-platform support, application containerisation is supported out-of-the-box. Deploy with comfort through container orchestration. 

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Hosting Flexibility

Every organisation has its own preferences when it comes to selecting a hosting option. Redakt works well with numerous hosting options. You get to choose what suits your project the most. No limitations.

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Modular Architecture

Redakt offers an infinitely expandable and fully customisable back office. Remove components to simplify or construct on top of the existing components according to the scope of each project.

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Headless CMS

Choose between a traditional server-side rendered CMS or headless operation through the Content Delivery API. Allows for different applications to use the same source of content.

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Hassle-Free Deployment

Redakt works well with every base platform. It is suited for complex content creation projects that require unique tools. Deploy and manage with unmatched ease.

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Data Store Flexibility

Redakt’s unique flexibility allows you to pick the best data store for your project and your expertise. You can also store your own custom data in the same database.

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Use Redakt for your clients, harbour goodwill for your agency.

Redakt is optimised to meet the requirements of competitive, fast-moving organisations looking for creative ways to express their brand persona. It allows sites to be unique, creative, high-performing on the front-end. Add in extensive tools and applications within it without compromising on manageability and ease of use of the back office.

The right choice for your agency coincides with what is best for your clients. Select the only enterprise-grade CMS based on Microsoft .NET Core technology. Choose to be competitive today and in the future. Choose Redakt.

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