Redakt for Agencies & System Integrators

When the job gets complicated, we're here to keep it simple. Agencies need flexible hosting, hassle-free setup and an easy way to manage huge numbers of sites at once. Redakt can do all of that, and more.

Use Redakt as your Agency's Enterprise-Grade CMS

Redakt is designed to suit the need to manage several websites in a single content management system with deep authorization possibilities, customisable workflows and diverse user roles. It can be as detailed or as basic as you need it to be. Here are the main reasons why agencies prefer Redakt over other enterprise-grade CMS options.

Hosting flexibility

Redakt is flexible with numerous hosting options. You get to choose which one works for you from the cloud, serverless options, single instance and load-balanced options.

Customisable workflows

Customise the workflow. From the first draft to the final published copy and customise the entire execution process with Redakt. Define user roles and more.

Distraction-free Interface

Redakt will allow your content managers to utilise the tools and features relevant to them. It offers a clean, today and focused user interface for distraction-free results.

Modular Architecture

Add or remove modules as you need to. Redakt offers a fully customisable back office for your development team to optimise as per your needs and requirements.

Multi-lingual sites

As an agency, we understand that you need to cater to diverse clients with varied needs and audiences. The Redakt CMS is a flexible way to publish Multi-lingual content with minimal time and effort. We make it easy for you.

Hassle-free deployment

Deploy with ease. Redakt works well with every base platform. It is suited for scalable websites and complex content creation teams where every user needs unique tools and access. Deploy and manage with unmatched ease.

Multiple websites

You can create and manage multiple websites from the same back office with the Redakt CMS. Your team will no longer need to record logins to a long list of credentials for various sites and back offices.

Fine-grained authorization

Customise the user access levels with Redakt's Fine-Grained Authorization possibilities. Allow each user a specialised access level as per your needs. And change it whenever needed with an equal amount of ease.

User-friendly .Net Core CMS

​It is the top choice for a user-friendly, distraction-free .Net Core Enterprise-Grade CMS that offers a simplified front-end for multiple sites without increased confusion or chaos.

Headless CMS

A Headless CMS Back Office allows your content team to focus on what they do best, while the development team can continue to develop at the back end.

Tracking and Archives

Give your content teams the access they need, track all previous versions and site histories within a single platform. Manage archives without losing data.

Blazing Fast Performance

Maintain excellent page load speed and bring amazing content to the audiences while maintaining amazing SEO rankings among other things.

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