Redakt for Content Managers

We know that an efficient and simple user interface is essential for productivity and comfort. Find out how we combine a simple interface, customisable styling elements and organised asset libraries to spark creativity for content managers.

What do content managers get out of Redakt?

  • ​Comfortable distraction-free interface
  • Customisable modules and styling elements
  • Organised operation and asset management

The Go-to Content Management Partner

Simple nested content structures for every page, the ability to pick and choose the elements needed for content styling, user-friendly back-office operation and clutter-free asset libraries make Redakt a go-to content management partner for content managers.

Easy-to-use back office

It is optimised for the ease of use of content managers. Enjoy a simple distraction-free interface that fuels productivity. 

Find out about our simple approach to site management and the functionality offered by the easiest CMS back office.

Your Content Your Way

Redakt is not your regular enterprise-grade CMS. Redakt includes a ton of built-in content field editors. Showcase your content your way through unique elements in addition to unlimited options that your development team can add or remove at any time you need them to.

Custom content

Structure your content with nested content and unlimited level displays. The internal labeling option makes it easy to keep every section organised and tidy as you go ahead and build longer pages for long-form content without hampering your creative flow.

The CMS works well with any website design and hierarchy that you may want to use. No limitations, only sheer creativity to help your organisation stand out.

Things Go South Quickly

Enterprise-grade CMS options tend to be unnecessarily technical. Redakt is straight-forward: it is as nuanced as you need it to be. Instead of choosing a complex and confusing CMS, go for Redakt. It has been built to make the delivery of unique customised content simpler. 

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