Redakt for Content Managers

We know that an efficient and simple user interface is essential to productivity. Find out how we combine a simple interface, custom workflow setup and full language and location support to create the perfect working environment.

Wondering what can content managers get out of Redakt?

  • ​Comfortable Minimalist Interface
  • Tailored Styling 
  • Productive Results
  • Customised Modules
  • Chaos-free Operation

Things Go South Quickly

While Redakt offers a simple front-end, the back-end of the system is very complex and developer-friendly. It is the perfect solution to your content management needs in the presence of a development environment. Stay safe with the perfect hybrid designed for user and developer comfort in the shape of the Redakt CMS. 

Other non-scalable options in the market can mislead you and quickly deteriorate your product. Enterprise-grade CMS options tend to be unnecessarily technical. Uninformed choices can send your operations south hill. Choose wisely. Choose Redakt.

Content creators love Redakt

There is a lot more to achieve with the modern enterprise-grade Redakt CMS. This is the only CMS that makes content creators, agencies, end organisations and developers equally happy. For more ideas and possibilities visit the Redakt blog.

The Redakt Blog

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