Redakt for Organisations

Build a simple and effective brand representation online. Digitise your processes, keep your data secure and enjoy superfast site speeds. Redakt unlocks a world of opportunities to your website.

Fine-grained User Authorisation

Customise user access levels with Redakt's fine-grained authorisation possibilities. Enforce fine-grained user access to sites, pages, and assets to match your organisation's security and management needs. 

Fuel Team Productivity

Cutback on turnaround time across web content departments. Eliminate friction for content managers with the simple-to-use, tidy back-office interface. Allow content managers to utilise the relevant tools and features and optimise them through the development team whenever needed.

Reduce the time needed to customise or modify modules at the development end. Redakt comes with clean and tidy compatibility with any framework of choice without making development tedious. 

Developers can retarget their energies at more complex areas of the projects as content managers can take more control over iterations, revisions and design areas of your content management requirements with Redakt.

Freedom from cookie-cutters

Liberate your website from the limited design and layout options available with other CMS platforms. Personalise the site experience for your audiences in the most detailed and targeted manner with Redakt.

Shape creative site experiences through unique content layouts and styling options. Build nuanced websites for your organisation that make your brand distinctive. Stand out from the competition with 100% customisable page layouts and design elements.

Multilingual sites

We understand that you must cater to diverse audiences. Redakt offers flexible ways to publish multilingual content without having to translate every word manually.

Add language variations without complicating your website or the CMS back-office. 

Fully customisable publication workflow

Customise the entire execution process with Redakt. Retain and delegate control as needed. Choose the default edit-approve-publish style, allow immediate publishing, or create a custom workflow. 

Manage various sites in one place

Besides your main corporate site, you might have campaign sites, temporary sites or a staff intranet. With Redakt, you can put them all in the same system

You can use media and documents from your asset libraries between different sites. This also includes content snippets, like team member profiles, resources, locational information, forms and more.

Page-speed & SEO

Maintain a competitive page load speed and contribute to higher search engine rankings. Incorporate SEO best practices into each site by delivering lag-free content.

Simple staging & collaboration

Redakt lets you stage the content before posting without a compromise on the live version. You get to preview the finished page before it is published. No need to speculate. Organise your published and unpublished assets together. 

No Lost Effort

Save time with simple collaboration possibilities without losing track of content history. Content teams have the ability to track all previous versions and site history within the platform.

Manage the trash, archived pages and disabled content sections in the same place as published versions without losing data, content, or site order. 

Eliminate clutter, utilise fine-grained authorisation possibilities, customise workflows and unlock creativity with the Redakt CMS. Choose to be competitive, today and tomorrow.

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