Kick-start your Digital Transformation with Redakt

Application Development Framework

Create and develop your own applications using the same building blocks and incorporate your own business processes into Redakt's back office.

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Use case

For many organizations, using a content management system and its back-office user interface is part of the marketing department's daily routine. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to also incorporate other business processes into the same system. With Redakt you can easily create a custom application that shares the same user interface.

So what sort of applications are we talking about? For example, if you're in the hospitality or travel business, you could create a booking reservation application. If you sell products or services, you could create a product catalog. Many organizations need customer support or a ticketing system.

In some cases, instead of creating full-blown applications, you may want to develop a simplified or restricted interface to other services that your organization uses on a daily basis. Think of a simple form to add a new lead to your CRM system, a dashboard to track your key performance indicators or quick access to your Google Analytics website traffic and conversion overview.

Any application you create within Redakt can make use of all the technical components that Redakt uses itself. You can integrate your application with any other system or data store that supports external access. Kick-start your digital transformation and provide a single login and unified user experience for your employees.

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Reusable components

Redakt's core system consists of a number of components and building blocks that have been designed to be generic and reusable.

Redakt's content management features are built on these components, but they can also be used to create bespoke applications within the Redakt system. Combine user interface elements and use Redakt's technical components to develop your own application in a matter of days.

Technology Stack

All of Redakt's technology stack is available for your own bespoke application development. Below are just some of the ways you can use Redakt components for your own purposes.

  • Define data structures and store them using Redakt's generic data layer.

  • Save and access blob files through Redakt's file storage adapter.

  • Improve application performance by using Redakt's caching mechanisms.

  • Design a user interface using Redakt's UX components.

  • Communicate between application instances through Redakt's service bus.

  • Integrate your components with other features of the Redakt ecosystem.

  • Add custom documents to the full text index for quick searching.

  • Use Redakt's task scheduler to setup custom scheduled tasks.

  • Create and subscribe to events with Redakt's event sourced architecture.

User interface elements

You can design your application by combining any of Redakt's generic user interface elements. They have many options to adapt them to your specific needs. Redakt also makes it easy to create your own user interface elements based on Redakt's UI design system. The following are some of the built-in UI elements that are available for your own application development:

  • forms and form fields

  • simple and rich text inputs

  • numeric and currency inputs

  • date/time calendar inputs

  • checkboxes and radio buttons

  • single- and multi-select lists

  • menus and navigation

  • toolbars and dropdowns

  • buttons and splitbuttons

  • sortable list and tile views

  • tables and data grids

  • accordion lists

  • tree views

  • tabstrips and panels

  • popups and modal dialogs

  • notifications and tooltips

  • icons and icon sets

  • and much more...

Ready to get started?

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