Enterprise content management features

Everything you need out-of-the-box

Many Content Management Systems require paid addons or modules for certain features. With Redakt, you get all these enterprise features out-of-the-box.

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A single system for all your sites

Many enterprises need to manage more than one website. Besides your main corporate site, you might have campaign sites, temporary sites or a staff intranet. With Redakt, you can put them all in the same system.

Share media, documents and other assets between different sites. Move and copy pages and content between them. Have separate designs or mix and match styles. Configure permissions per site, with no need for your employees to have multiple user accounts.

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Multi-language content editing

Managing multi-language content is a breeze. Write any content in different languages and locales (for example, UK and US English). This includes both page content as well as asset metadata. Publish content of different languages individually, even on separate schedules.

Use the same page structure for different languages on separate (sub-)domains or url prefixes, or set your websites up for separate page structures per language, or a mix of those. Individual content fields can be marked as culture-invariant, or fallback to a default language.

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Customizable workflows

Use Redakt's default publication workflows, or define your own. Each content type can have its own workflow configured. You can allow content to be published immediately by any author, or require editor approval first. Or maybe you need multiple levels of review by different editors?

Adapt content publication to your organization's specific needs. There is no scenario that can't be achieved with Redakt's fully customizable publication workflow options.

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Asset management included

Redakt comes with built-in digital asset management. Images, documents and other media, as well as reusable content snippets, can be organized into multiple libraries and shared between all other content in the system.

Assets have the same features and benefits as regular web content. Customize asset content and metadata fields, single- or multi-language. Change asset publication workflow if you need. Restrict editing and publication with fine-grained authorization.

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Full content revision history

Redakt keeps a full revision history of all content that was ever written. Never forget a thing.

Roll back to a previous revision anytime. Create multiple content versions for the same item, with their own revisions and publication workflow. Prepare content in advance while still being able to make changes to the currently published version. Switch between different versions and publish your new version whenever it's ready.

But that's not all...

These are just some of the other enterprise features that you get out-of-the-box with Redakt.

  • Fully customizable content models

  • Nested and complex content structures

  • Scheduled publishing per language

  • Central multi-language dictionary

  • Fine-grained authorization structure

  • Customizable permissions & security

  • Full text search indexing

  • Multiple content versions and revisions

  • Compare and roll back previous versions

  • Easy-to-navigate archived content

  • Full audit log of every user action

  • Automatic saving of draft content

  • Draft content preview function

  • Move, copy and re-order content

  • Many different content field editors

  • Single sign-on with your corporate login

  • Integration options with external systems

Want to see more?

Let us convince you with a demonstration of Redakt. We'll show you the ins and outs of the back office and answer all your questions.

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