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Redakt offers a free, fully functional community edition license for a single user and single website. Perfect for your personal blog or freelance website.

Redakt Content Editing on MacBook

Explore Redakt features

For individuals and small organizations, Redakt offers a completely free-to-use Community Edition. The Community Edition is a fully functional Redakt license for a single user and a single website.

Explore Redakt features and functionality including cross-platform deployments, multi-language support, an easy to use but comprehensive back office, top speed performance, custom integrations & app development, and much more.

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What's the catch?

There is no catch. You don't need any credit card or other form of payment to begin. No strings attached — simply get a free Community Edition license from the Redakt Customer Portal, start your project and download the Redakt packages.

The Community Edition is fully functional, however as it is a single user license, certain features that require multiple users, such as publication approval workflows and permission settings are ineffective.

How do I get it?

Redakt is distributed as a set of downloadable NuGet packages. Getting started with the Community Edition is as simple as starting a new web project and importing Redakt packages.

Check out the Getting Started section in the knowledge base for more information on setting up a Redakt project. Alternatively you can clone the demo site from GitHub to start with a working project.

Community Support

Although there is no direct support for Community Edition licenses, you can ask questions and join the discussion at our community forum, where our team members are also active and will answer your questions.

Ready for more?

The Community Edition is perfect for small or personal projects. For organizations that are ready to move forward, check out our reasonable pricing.