Modern, scalable, and future-proof

Cutting edge technology with a strong foundation

Redakt CMS is designed to run on the new, future-proof Microsoft ASP.NET Core web development framework. This allows for cross-platform deployments, high-performance scalable systems and increased productivity.

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Get with the program

The legacy Microsoft ASP.NET framework is a software development platform that has been in use since 2002. While it has been used to develop countless software applications over the years, it has meanwhile reached end-of-life in its current form. However, most current Microsoft-based enterprise CMSs are still based on it. Therefore if you choose a CMS based on the old ASP.NET framework, you can be assured that you will require a costly upgrade somewhere along the way.

Redakt is built using the new ASP.NET Core framework. Even though the name is very similar, this is a completely new web development framework and has all of Microsoft's efforts behind it going forward. Make sure you are not stuck with an obsolete website even before you finish it. Choose Redakt for future-proof technology.

Host it anywhere

Host your Redakt website anywhere - on-premises, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon cloud hosting, just for starters. On a single server or a load-balanced environment. Put your back office behind a firewall for extra security or combine it all in a single application. Cross-platform on Windows, Linux or macOS.

Hassle-free deployment

Redakt makes deployment a breeze. No complicated file copying, scripting or database management, simply employ industry-standard DevOps deployment processes. Use any build server including Azure DevOps, Atlassian Bamboo or JetBrains TeamCity, or container solutions such as Docker.

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Store your data in

Redakt works with some of the most popular databases out-of-the-box, including highly scalable cloud databases like Azure Cosmos DB and Amazon Dynamo DB, fast databases that can be run on-premises or hosted like Mongo DB and Raven DB, as well as Lite DB, a local file database for smaller projects. Simply choose the database that best suits your organization's skills and expertise. Or even implement your own database connector. Using Redakt's data layer, you can easily store your own data structures in the same data store. No need to set up and maintain a separate database for your custom data.

This principle applies throughout Redakt's modular architecture. Choose from several options for components such as file storage, service bus, application cache, full text search index, image processing, and many others. Even if your preferred service or technology is not supported out-of-the-box by Redakt, you can easily roll your own by implementing simple interfaces. With Redakt's flexible modular architecture, the technical possibilities are endless.

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