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Redakt for Developers

We're dedicated to bringing you the best developer experience possible. Redakt has a modern architecture based on cutting-edge .NET 6+ technology.

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The latest technology

We understand that you, as a developer, don't want to work with legacy systems. That's why we made sure that Redakt is at the forefront of technology.

Redakt runs on Microsoft ASP.NET Core. We've stayed as close to ASP.NET Core recommended patterns and principles as possible, therefore you will find our API easy and intuitive to work with. The latest Redakt CMS libraries target .NET 6 and .NET 7.

We use the default .NET IoC container and logging interfaces. Web components are registered as regular middleware in the ASP.NET Core pipeline. Our rendering engine uses Razor views, which we have enhanced with custom Tag Helpers.

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Code-first content models

Most Content Management Systems store content model configuration in the database. This has a couple of drawbacks, such as having to repeat data modelling for each DTAP environment (with a high risk of mistakes), and having no history of content model changes.

With Redakt, your full content model configuration is done in code, with simple POCO classes and attributes. Your models get deployed together with the rest of the code, while you retain a full model change history in source control. As an added bonus, you get strongly typed content models in your Razor views.

Customizable and extensible

There's nothing more frustrating than when your client asks you to change some aspect of the application, and you have to tell them that it's part of the CMS core and can't be changed. To effectively address this situation, Redakt was designed to be as customizable and extensible as possible.

The system makes use of dependency injection throughout all layers of the architecture. You can even inject your custom services into content model classes. For many core components such as data access, service bus, and file storage, Redakt has several different built-in implementations to choose from. If that's not enough, all of Redakt's services and modules can be swapped out by your custom code. Interfaces are easy to understand and simple to implement.

Redakt's middleware doesn't interfere with the rest of the ASP.NET Core pipeline, so you can add your own middleware if needed. Or you can even create full-blown applications by reusing Redakt's user interface (based on Blazor) and technical components.

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Comprehensive documentation

A great product is nothing without good documentation. Redakt provides comprehensive documentation to help you get started with developing your Redakt-based web application.

The Redakt knowledge base contains configuration and implementation guides for developers. All you need to get your Redakt application up and running.

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Redakt offers a free Community Edition for small or personal projects. Download it today and start developing with the next-generation CMS.