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Redakt is a modern, enterprise-grade Web Content Management System focused on performance and ease of use.

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Why do our clients use Redakt?

Redakt is the only enterprise-grade CMS based on Microsoft .NET Core: future-ready, scalable, fully customisable and easy to implement.

Perfect for enterprise organizations looking for a user-friendly content management experience, digital agencies that want to provide a high-value product to their clients, and developers who want to increase their productivity.

Redakt allows you to experience fast performance, a distraction-free interface, top security and cross-platform deployments.

Let Redakt simplify your workflow and content management processes from the get-go.

Enjoy top of the line technology today and tomorrow.

The only fully customisable enterprise-grade .NET Core CMS built for ease of use

Deliver exceptional content from your organisation through technology that gives you room for maximising creativity and comfort. 


Showcase your content your way every time

Redakt is powered by the cutting-edge Microsoft .NET Core framework. This allows for cross-platform deployments, high-performance scalable systems and better productivity. Experience complete creative freedom and customise your web content without limitations today or tomorrow.

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There is a lot to discuss

Different features will help different users and departments within your organisation. Let's scratch the surface together.

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Creative, Scalable & Customisable

Redakt makes life easier for content creators and developers, it simplifies the content creation processes for every user involved and helps you get better results every time. Shape your CMS according to your content delivery requirements.

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​Redakt is designed to suit every content management need of an enterprise. 

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Content is Art

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