Blazing fast performance

Nobody likes to wait - not even search engines. Website performance and page response times are key design points of Redakt.

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Page speed affects your ranking

Your current CMS may run on heavy and slow-rendering code. This, as a result, affects your website’s loading speed and search index ranking.

Redakt renders pages incredibly fast, using cutting-edge technology. This leaves you to focus on your customer needs and conversions without tackling high bounce rates due to subpar website performance.

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Cut your hosting bills

Your website performance has a direct and significant impact on your hosting costs. With the unrivaled performance of Redakt, you can cut back your hosting bills by serving more traffic for less money.

Redakt allows you to serve more traffic without increasing costs. For example, the complete Redakt product website - including web server, database, and file storage - has a running hosting cost (with Azure) of less than €90 per month.

Snappy back office

Our performance optimization isn't limited to page rendering; one of the most common complaints from content managers is that the back end is slow and counterintuitive to work with. We refined and perfected our system to make sure the back office of Redakt is fast and responsive, helping you to get great content out there without waiting around or losing work. 

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Best in class response times

Thanks to our optimized data structure and speedy rendering pipeline, Redakt handles page requests in a snap. Server response times are well under 200ms in most scenarios, which beats average real-world web response times by a large margin (check out Think with Google for the numbers). The best thing about these lightning response times? Redakt does it all with no extras required. 

Intelligent application caching helps us to maintain these figures during peak traffic load. For well-configured systems, we can get response times down to as low as 20ms. Redakt's fast startup time also reduces the impact of server cold starts so they're almost undetectable.

Web page optimization

In addition to its industry-leading server response times, Redakt's web platform has several other features that contribute to page performance optimization, such as:

  • Per-page configurable HTTP response caching

  • JavaScript & CSS minification & bundling

  • Support for Content Delivery Networks

  • Support for AMP pages

  • Page element ("donut") caching

  • Page HTML minification

  • Server-side image resizing

  • Response data compression

Experience it yourself

You can check out the performance of the Redakt back office for yourself by trying out our live demo.

Redakt Content Editing on 3 different Apple Devices