Redakt for Organizations

Don't settle for less

When using Redakt for your website content management, you can be assured of best-in-class performance, an easy-to-use back office, and a future-proof platform.

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Looks familiar?

Many Content Management Systems restrict usability with feature bloat, confusing functions and other clutter.

We want Redakt to change the workload by being optimized for content managers, not computer scientists. There's no steep learning curve and the user interface is intuitive and detailed. Improve your content managers' day-to-day productivity and overall happiness.

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High performance & future-proof

Web performance directly impacts your hosting costs. With the unrivalled performance of Redakt, you can serve more traffic for less money. You can cut back on your hosting bill, or serve more traffic faster without increasing costs.

Redakt is based on cutting-edge Microsoft .NET 5 technology. Together with Redakt's customizable and extensible architecture, this ensures that you're getting a future-proof system. Most other Microsoft-based Content Management Systems are still built using older .NET technology, meaning your web platform is outdated even before you start using it.

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Tailored to your requirements

Because of its technical flexibility, a Redakt-based website can be tailored to your exact requirements and specifications.

Match visual styling and interaction to your graphical or UX design. Make your website GDPR compliant with any cookie consent solution. Employ SEO best practices like meta tags, microdata, SERP snippets, and other techniques. Embed social media metadata on your pages. Add interactive elements such as custom web forms and chatbots with ease. And manage your content in any data structure imaginable.

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Enterprise content management

Redakt contains all the features you may expect from an enterprise-grade Content Management System. This includes multi-language content editing, scheduled publishing, customizable publication workflows, digital asset management, a fine-grained authorization structure, full content revision history & audit log, and much more. And you can manage all your websites from a single system.

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Experience it yourself

Selecting a Content Management System can be a daunting task. Let us demonstrate to you why Redakt is the best choice.

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