Fully Customizable & Infinitely Expandable

Most Content Management Systems force you into a single way of working. With Redakt, you can customize and expand the system beyond anything that was possible before.

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Your type of content

With Redakt, you can fully customize the content structure you work with to your exact needs.

In addition to simple data values such as text, numbers, dates, etc., you can specify your own custom data objects. Assign specific field editors to each content field, or even develop your own editor components. Combine that with the possibility to define lists, tables, and complex nested content structures, and the ways to model your content data are truly endless.

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Custom publication workflow

Different organizations work in different ways. Redakt allows you to tailor content publication workflow to your own editing and review process. When Redakt's built-in publication workflows are not suitable for you situation, you can define your own.

Allow an author to publish their own articles themselves? Enforce multiple approvals from different editors? Assign different workflows to different content types? No problem with Redakt.

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Bring your own back office

Besides the content management experience and publication workflow, the Redakt back office can be customized and expanded in many more ways. To name just a few:

Create custom content field editors and validation. Add your own command buttons or other components to any toolbar in the system. Populate dropdown lists from external data sources. Display custom notifications and alerts. Modify the default permissions and access rights authorization structure.

But why stop there?

Develop bespoke applications

Redakt enables you to create whole custom applications contained within the same easy to use back office environment.

For example, create apps for catalog management, online booking, or customer support. Connect your analyics, CRM, or financial administration for common day-to-day tasks, all without the need for you employees to login to different systems. Incorporate your business processes into the Redakt back office and kick-start your digital transformation.

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Integrate with other systems

While most Content Management Systems' archaic technology restricts integration with other systems, Redakt actively supports it.

Grab data from external sources and display it alongside your website content. Trigger actions and processes from website events. Perform data manipulation from external scripts. Enable single-sign-on with your corporate user accounts. Or consume Redakt content from another system.

Any system that you can connect to, can be integrated with Redakt, both on your website and in the back office application.

Want to know more?

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