Redakt's built-in content field editors

Something different for every field

The Redakt content editing experience is fully customizable. Part of that is a number of built-in field editors that can be selected for your content fields, ranging from simple single-line text inputs to complex nested content structures. Take a look what you can expect.

Redakt Content Editing on 3 different Apple Devices
Partial screenshot of Redakt text editors
Text editor

The mainstay of most content management needs, the humble text input field. Both single- and multiline.

Partial screenshot of Redakt richt text editor
Rich Text Editor

When plain text doesn't suffice, the rich text editor comes in. Includes many formatting options, as well as internal image and link selection.

Partial screenshot of Redakt numeric inputs
Number Input

Input field for numeric values with optional prefix label. Specify number of decimal places and minimum and maximum values.

Partial screenshot of Redakt dropdown select list
Dropdown List

For choosing a single option from a list. Optionally enable the search function for large lists.

Partial screenshot of Redakt radio group editor
Radio Button Group

An alternative to the dropdown list, for selecting a single option from a small list of options. Can be layout both vertically or horizontally.

Partial screenshot of Redakt multi-select dropdown list with checkboxes
Multi-Select List

Select multiple options with a convenient checkboxed dropdown list.

Partial screenshot of Redakt checkbox editors

A simple true or false selection. With or without label, inline or standalone.

Partial screenshot of Redakt date picker
Date & Time Picker

Calendar control for selecting dates and/or times. Both for single dates and date ranges.

Partial screenshot of Redakt image list and browser
Asset Browser

Select images, documents, and other assets from your asset libraries, and easily link them to your content.

Partial screenshot of Redakt multiple page list and picker
Link Browser

Select single or multiple links, either internal or external.

Partial screenshot of Redakt multiple text line editors
Multiple Text Input

A list of orderable single-line text inputs, for example for adding tags to content.

Partial screenshot of Redakt table editor
Table Editor

Edit tabular data with a powerful table editor. Customize table columns and specify the editors to use for cell values.

Partial screenshot of Redakt nested content editor

Nested Content Structures

Redakt allows for modeling of complex nested content structures, by combining any of the other field editors into separate sub-models.

With no limit to the number of levels deep, any complex content structure can be defined with Redakt, while still keeping the user interface simple to understand.

Content validation

Every field editor allows for content validation. Set fields as required, specify regular expressions for text fields, minimum and maximum allowed values, text lengths or number of items in a list, and many more. Or create your own content field validator.

Layout how you like it

All these field editors share a number of common configuration settings that allow you to layout the user interface any way you like. This includes setting widths and heights, arranging fields vertically or horizontally inline, changing or hiding field labels, adding help texts and tooltips, and much more.

Multi-language enabled

Any content field can be designated multi-language, from which point you set the content per language for the same field. You can also configure fields to fallback to a default language, or select a specific language to inherit from.

Check it out yourself

All of these content editing features are part of our live demonstration website. Go there now and see them in action.

Redakt Content Editing on MacBook