Redakt for Digital Agencies

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When the job gets complicated, we're here to keep it simple. Agencies need flexible hosting, hassle-free setup, and an easy way to manage huge numbers of sites at once. Redakt enables you to offer exceptional business value to your clients, while at the same time improving your own organization's productivity and competitiveness.

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Unrivalled productivity and turnaround time

Redakt accelerates project timelines for digital agencies, enhancing productivity through a streamlined development experience. Its user-friendly interface simplifies processes, complemented by hassle-free hosting and deployment. This ensures projects are delivered on time, meeting client expectations seamlessly. Complete more projects in less time, for lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

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Future-proof technology

Redakt is designed specifically to run on Microsoft ASP.NET Core 6.0+, allowing for cross-platform deployments, high-performance scalable systems, and increased productivity, while also keeping your developers happy with modern technology. With many content management systems still targeting the legacy .NET Framework, Redakt is the premier future-proof enterprise-grade CMS in the market today.

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Create business value for your clients

As a digital agency, your main goal is to create business value for your clients at a competitive price.

With Redakt, you can provide your clients with all the features they may expect from an enterprise Content Management System — out-of-the-box without paying extra for add-ons.

Redakt's blazing-fast performance enables you to handle more traffic for lower hosting costs. With our customization and integration options, you can comply with any of your clients’ requirements. Add Redakt’s beautiful and intuitive back-office application to the mix, and your clients will be sold on your proposal.

  • Host multiple website on a single platform

  • Multi-language and culture content for pages and assets

  • Content versioning, revision history and audit log

  • Fine-grained permissions and authorization structure

  • Customizable publication workflow & scheduled publishing

  • Corporate single sign-on & external system integrations

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Digital Transformation

Besides content management, organizations often have other requirements for their web platform. Redakt's fully customizable back office enables you to incorporate your client's business processes into a Redakt-based application. You can implement anything from small additions to complete business applications within the same user interface, thereby facilitating your client's digital transformation.

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Flexible modular architecture

With Redakt, you can choose the technology that best matches your agency's expertise. Choose your preferred database, like Azure Cosmos DB, Raven DB, or Amazon Dynamo DB. Select from many options for file storage, caching, service bus, and full-text search. And if your preferred service is not yet part of our out-of-the-box options, you can easily develop your own integrations.

The Redakt ecosystem includes many feature modules, but you can plug in only the ones that you really need. Not going to use a headless API? Just leave it out. You can also separate your platform into different applications. For example, you can keep the back-office behind a firewall while having a load-balanced public application without the back office, thereby minimizing the attack vectors on your system.

We value our partners

Implementing complex web applications with a Content Management System can be a daunting task, even with a developer-friendly product like Redakt. That's why our in-house support team is always on standby for you. Our support engineers are knowledgeable and offer fast response times and implementation guidance. Redakt certified partners get help with projects directly from the core team, as well as referral commissions on license fees. We welcome any agency that wants to create applications with Redakt, without obligations.

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