Headless content delivery or traditional page rendering?

The best of both worlds

Different problems require different solutions. Redakt offers both traditional server-side page rendering and a headless content delivery API in a single package.

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There are plenty of SaaS headless Content Management Systems on the market today, all proclaiming that headless content delivery is the future and traditional server-side page rendering is obsolete. Certainly, headless content delivery has many advantages. However, traditional server-side rendering is still very much alive and retains important advantages over headless systems.

At Redakt, we don't claim that one method is better than the other. Rather, we understand that different problems call for different solutions. That's why Redakt offers both traditional server-side page rendering, as well as a headless content delivery API. Both methods complement each other to create a powerful and flexible hybrid CMS solution.

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Server-side page rendering

Redakt's server-side page rendering, based on ASP.NET Core and Razor views, is optimized for performance and ease of implementation, achieving a level of productivity and control that cannot be matched by a purely headless system.

A single codebase for the presentation layer and back-end simplifies deployment. Strongly-typed content models prevent bugs and make developers happy. Razor Tag Helpers improve productivity and code readability. These are some of the advantages exclusive to server-side rendering.

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Multichannel Content Delivery API

Retrieve web content, media, and metadata from our industry-standard REST-based API. Everything you need to plan your multichannel content strategy.

The Content Delivery API enables you to consume your Redakt data from any other service. Incorporate your website content into mobile applications. Let your marketing platform retrieve assets to include in your mailings. Include content snippets in social media channels. Deliver content to your target audience anywhere. Compliant with the industry-standard OpenAPI v3 specification, ensuring easy integration with any technology stack.

Get the most use out of it

A Hybrid CMS has a unique architecture. It combines the headless CMS architecture and the presentation layer of coupled CMS. Think of it as a headless CMS with a front-end. This combination offers the flexibility to view and manipulate the presentation layer while allowing web editors to run digital experiences with WYSIWYG tools as needed.

With Redakt, you can combine server-side rendering with the Content Delivery API to create a powerful and flexible hybrid CMS. Use server-side rendering for your website where you can always preview your changes, and use the Content Delivery API for your multichannel content delivery. Both methods use the same source of data.

Even if you're not planning to use any of the hybrid features for your platform initially, why not be prepared? As with all other aspects of Redakt, we're here to make sure your web platform is future-proof.

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We're happy to explain the benefits of a hybrid system to you personally. Schedule a demonstration with one of our consultants and we'll tell you all about it.